Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief - ALY & RO
Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief - ALY & RO
Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief - ALY & RO
Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief - ALY & RO
Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief - ALY & RO
Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief - ALY & RO
Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief - ALY & RO

Accupen™ - Portable Pain Relief

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Enjoy Acupuncture Relief At Home Without Expensive Professionals Or Scary Needles!

  • Reduces Chronic Pain In Your Joints & Body Muscles: It’s great for treating acute and chronic physical pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraine, sports injuries and muscle, joint and back pains & more.
  • Safe, Painless & Easy To Use: Uses innovative Electric Pulse Technology. It only needs One AA Battery to function. It has a digital display that shows the strength of the electrical pulse output. Important Notice: if you have a pacemaker you should not use this device, and if you have any underlying health issues please consult with your doctor before using this device.
  • Use It Anytime & Anywhere: It is lightweight and fits easily in your pocket, bag or pouch. Use it while traveling or after a long day at work, where you'll need it to relax and relief your pain.
  • Healing Massage & Facial Beauty Applications: Use the provided Dome Head to enjoy a relaxing facial massage, increase blood flow, increase skin tightness, stimulate tissue and combat wrinkling skin.
  • Eliminates Stress, Anxiety & Boosts Your Mood: Brings You In harmony With The World Around You For A Healthier Life!
  • 100% ​Quality & Money Back Guarantee!
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 * If you have a pacemaker, use of this product is not recommended!


Portable Pain Relief

The Accupen is lightweight and fits easily in your pocket, bag or pouch. Use it while traveling or just for a long day at work, where you'll need relief from your pain.



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Customer Reviews

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I wish I tried it sooner. I suffer from chronic right TMJ joint pain for years resulting in constant pain at the TMJ joint, my jaw, temple, left side of the head extending to the neck. You can bet I've tried everything. Pain meds work but I don't want to rely on them.
This little device is surprisingly effective to temporarily relieve the pain for several hours. It is small enough to fit in a pulse or a pocket, but gives out quite strong electrical impulse.
It really feel like someone is pricking you with a needle at a single point, but its all electricity, no needles.
I like that I can take this device with me everywhere, and don't have to deal with applying patches like in other TENs units. I even got comfortable using it without a gel, it works just fine.
I am a Nurse Practitioner by profession, this made sense to me. The electrical impulse provided by this device temporarily disrupts the neurological pathway of the pain to the brain, and it promotes the release of endorphins (natural pain killer hormones in the body) because of the massage/acupuncture type effect on the muscle fibers, thus temporarily relieve the perception of pain.
This is not a cure, but a handy tool for quick pain relief.


This is a handy convenient tool I have used this in my practice. It helps relieve trigger points in neck muscles with ease. I have already referred several clients to purchase this for their home use. Easy to use. The instructions could be better with pictures to help. Once you get the hang of it it works great.


I have a tens unit that I use for nerve pain in my back and feet. When I don’t have time, or have pains in the middle of the night. I just grab the acupuncture pen and place it over the problem area and the pain is gone, and I go back to sleep. Love this pen.


This is actually the six star rating! I just couldn’t make it vivid!! This is one of the coolest products that I have seen. This really brought an acupuncture effect into the home and DIY world. I was a bit shocked by the pen when trying it for the first time, but soon got used to it, and soon came to love it so much.


The point is a soft round ball shape but is very accurate when it comes to getting the exact spot you're looking to shock. I thought it was going to be a painful shock but it really isn't that bad. (I am very sensitive to the pain). I have even used this on my shoulder, lower back and ankles and again, am noticing an improvement without having to take medication.